Private Lessons

Private Golf Lessons

Private Golf Lessons

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Private lessons are by far the best way to get your golf headed in the right direction. Private golf coaching is conducted either in the studio, on the golf range, at the short game area, on the putting green or even on the golf course.

The use of video and TrackMan analysis is often used in these sessions. After the session is completed, a fully detailed TrackMan report is sent to you so you can monitor your technique changes and improvement. Each report has all TrackMan data and videos collected during your session included.

30-minute, 60-minute, 2 person semi private and 9 hole playing lessons on the course are all available as private coaching options.

The best results are usually seen by purchasing a lesson package. This is also the most cost-effective way of going about undergoing private tuition.

Please see the Lesson Price List below.

Adult Private Golf Lessons

1/2 Hour$65.00
1 Hour - PGA Member$90.00
1 Hour$120.00
9 Hole Lesson$300.00

Junior Private Golf Lessons (<18yo)

1/2 Hour$50.00
1 Hour$90.00

Pre-Paid Golf Lesson Packages

3 x 1/2 Hour$180.00
5 x 1 Hour$525.00
10 x 1 Hour$1000.00
20 x 1 Hour$1800.00
10 x 1 Hour (Junior)$750.00
Joel Mercieca