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Joel Mercieca Golf Coaching

Located at Gainsborough Greens Driving Range.

After turning professional and becoming a full member of the Australian PGA in 2011, Joel Mercieca has focused his time on furthering his skillset in the field of golf coaching and club fitting specializing in a wholistic approach to golf coaching to ensure that he is providing his students with the best solution for all individual cases.

As a true scholar of the game of golf, Joel has endeavoured to seek out the best information and most recent coaching techniques from around the globe to help with his golf coaching services and believes that improvement in the game of golf is something that is best achieved by assessing one’s game from a technical, physical, mental and tactical standpoint.

“I am a strong believer that with the correct information and a structured plan anyone can see improvement in their game, no matter what level they are playing at. I am also a strong believer that there is not one way to swing the golf club, however I do believe that there is one ideal way to swing the club based on what a player physically can or cannot do. Having this approach allows my students to see unencumbered improvement whilst minimizing the risk of injury”


  • Certified Australian PGA Professional Advanced: Coaching
  • TrackMan Certified Master
  • TPI Certified Level 2 Golf Professional
  • TPI Certified Level 2 Junior Coach
  • TPI Certified Level 2 Power
  • K-Vest Level 2 Certified (3d biofeedback)
  • Focus Band Certified


  • Private Golf Tuition/ Private Golf Lessons Gold Coast
  • Junior Golf Development Programing
  • Beginner Golf Classes
  • Ladies Golf Classes
  • TPI Screenings/Golf Specific Exercise Programs
  • TrackMan Data Analysis
  • Short Game Golf Coaching
  • Structured Practice Plans
  • High Performance Coaching for Elite Level Players
  • Club Fitting
  • Public Speaking/Presentations

PGA of Australia

After completing his Traineeship through The PGA of Australia, Joel graduated becoming an Australian PGA Member in 2011.

Few sporting organisations boast a proud 100 year-plus heritage like the Professional Golfers Association of Australia.

TrackMan Master Certified

Joel has been teaching and club fitting using TrackMan for club and ball flight analysis since 2011. In 2012, Joel acquired the highest qualification achievable through TrackMan University of TrackMan Master. Joel is still one of the few TrackMan Masters in Australia.

TPI Certified

Joel has been TPI certified since 2012. The TPI Certification program is an evidence based, educational pathway designed to help increase player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing. This concept is known as the Body-Swing Connection.

TPI Golf Level 2 Certified

Joel became certified in Level 2 Golf through the TPI in 2017 furthering his knowledge of the most current research and fact-based teaching methods available in the world of golf coaching.

TPI Junior Level 2 Certified

In 2015, Joel became Level 2 Junior Certified through the TPI. This Certification course has heavily influenced the creation and structure of Joel’s junior golf program. The program is a Long-Term Athlete Development Program that helps junior golfers between the ages of 5-17 with appropriate physical skill as well as their golfing skills.

TPI Power Level 2 Certified

In 2020, Joel completed the TPI Power Level 2 Certification. The certification has equipped Joel with the latest research and factual information to help students increase power and distance!

K-Vest Level 2 Certified

Joel has been certified in 3D motion capture feed back analysis through K-Vest since 2015. Joel’s background in this area compliments his coaching, helping players swing the club in the most efficient way possible.

FocusBand Certified

For years, Joel previously used FocusBand extensively in his coaching. In 2015 Joel became Focus Band Certified. Joel’s experience with Focus Band helps prepare his students mentally in practice and in competition.

Private Lessons

One on One Private Tuition

Group Clinics

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Joel Mercieca